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Snuggling & Taking Care of A Litter of Kittens

I was covered in four snuggly kittens (all 6 weeks old siblings, although fully weaned, and even I've even litter trained them already). That is, until they all decided to jump down and eat at the same time lol. (I plan to post some pictures of the kittens soon.)Collapse )

They are so cute, not just because they're babies, but because they have good personalities, and are pretty. Although, their baby charm is definitely present! They are all tame, too, and I've trained them all to go to the bathroom in a litter box (huge help, and the more sanitary way to go). They are smart, alert, friendly, playful, and sweet! There's 2 that I'm probably going to end up keeping, or just 1.

So, I have been waiting to get a kitten from an acquaintance's litter of kittens, since they were about 2 1/2 weeks old (was waiting for them to wean). All along, the deal was that since the person lives somewhat of a distance from me, and I wanted time to interact with the kittens (to help me choose which one to keep), that some of them (4) would stay with me for a week. Then, whichever kittens I don't keep, they were to be returned to the person who owns their mother.

Collapse )Yes, I do love animals, but adopting ONE (or 2) cats is way less than 6+1+another litter, man you need to get a life!

The kittens I am taking care of (now finding homes for too) are 1 male, and 3 females. (There were other siblings in the same litter too, but most of the rest of them got killed by a dog, poor babies! The kittens should have been kept inside safely.) The boy is very outgoing, very playful, very smart, and sweet too, but only somewhat snuggly. My two favorites of the females are ultra-snuggly, but also like to play some (do wish they were more playful, though), and they are the most attached to me. They even call for me, climb up me, want me to hold them frequently, and are sometimes playful. Haha, those two girls purr almost every time that I am holding them. The other female is cute too, and sweet, and she does like to be held, but she's only a little bit playful and doesn't cuddle as often. Honestly, I really like all four of these kittens, and I know that they would all make great pets, so that makes it difficult to decide. They all want me to hold them most of the day lol, and they always want to be near me (which is fine, because I don't leave them unattended).

But, I don't want to deal with male-oriented problems (spraying, or hormones), although I love male cats equally and especially since they are often more playful and snugglers too. (But, I just don't want the spraying that many males do, etc!...) That's kind of hard to keep in mind, though, when every time that I look over at or interact with the boy kitten, he makes my heart melt lol.

I am still, of course, only going to keep whichever kittens I want to (or am able to), but no more than that. So yeah, I'm sticking with my 1 or 2, although there's a 3rd one (the boy that I mentioned earlier) that really connects with me too lol.
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Hi. :) Mmm, coffee.

Hi everyone. I hope everything is going well in your life, or that you're at least striving on. (Never give up.)

Lol I would not make a good coffee server, well not without practice. (Then I could do it.) However, I do make a delicious cup of coffee. I love to brew coffee, and I love the smell and taste of fresh coffee. (Although, there's only one brand I've found I'm not allergic, which is odd.) I'm not just a morning coffee drinker, though; I like to drink it throughout the day.

Do you like the taste, smell, or other pleasantness of coffee? What is your favorite brand?

It's time for me to go, and to drink some coffee. :)
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Ignoring me?!... Why?!...

Sometimes people really frustrate me!... One of my friends keeps telling me to contact her, and then I set aside time for her every time, and then every single time she just blows me off. Today, for instance, we had it scheduled for us to talk, so I was there when I was supposed to be, and she wasn't. So I asked why, and she said she was busy. So I asked when she wanted to get together and talk today. She told me it would be an hour later. So i waited the hour, and decided to call her. Of course, she didn't answer. I said, "Are you sure you still want to catch up and everything today?" She said that she did, and to plan it for two hours after then... So I did, and the time came around again that we were supposed to get together, but again didn't hear anything from her about not being there. So I called her, and no answer!!...

I know she's not busy today, because she told me she's not. But every time I've tried to talk with her, she blows me off!... She never used to do this before, and now this is all she ever does. It's weird... Why is she doing that?...
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Need to breathe...

Today is a one beer and a book kind of day, while snuggling my cat.
Huge migraine, stressed out, couldn't sleep last night, exhausted all day today... For some reason, drinking a single beer helps my migraines, I've heard that it's because it thins your blood (but idky). I'm going to submerse my mind into my book, and try to relax, just breathe...
I hope you're doing well. ^_^
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enjoy it :p

Hi everyone!

So I haven't been as active on here as I've been wanting to be. But, I'm doing fairly well, so that's good at least. I hope you are all doing good, or at least hanging in there. Also, don't be silent; enjoy hearing from you. ^^

lol sometimes I do some really silly things, and oftentimes they're unintentional. But, everyone has those moments, and everyone needs a good reason to smile. So, it's ok. ~.^  :-p So, when it comes around to you, enjoy it lol!

I'm so sleepy right now haha. I'm just listening to music, and trying to catch up on LJ. (I'm sorry it's kind of been a while since I've done that. Please don't take it personally when there are periods of time that I'm not on here as much, just means I've been busy...) Take care everyone. ^.^
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So Artsy!

I am majorly art-oriented and art-interested, that has been not only one of my biggest loves from the beginning of my life, but it is also who I am. I love art so much, but I also need it. For me, art is my expression, my words, my joy, and my inspiration. Not only do I love art, but I have to see it, I have to create it, I have to dream it. Lol it's a part of me; it's my heart, my brain.

I have to have a creative outlet, so I'm always expressing myself creatively, and I'm always looking for new ways to be artistically creative. Currently, and just recently, I've started crocheting. It's kind of fun, but it's not the  creative outlet I need. This isn't expressive enough for me, I need something that I can put more of a personally-creative touch into. For now, though, this works for me. (Don't get me wrong, I do like to crochet occasionally, but right now I'm looking for something more art-inspired.)
<3 In Loving Memory of Lost Loved Ones <

A Friend Died Yesterday...

It just doesn't feel right. Losing someone you care about just feels so wrong. And, for them to suffer beforehand feels even more unsettling.

I'm wearing one of your favorite colors today. :) It always made you smile. I wish I could show you my new makeup, because I know you'd really like it.

Rest in peace. ♥ We miss you already (of course). I wish you could come back, but in health.

Jan 30, 2013:
So, it's been about 5 weeks ago since this happened... Friend, we miss you! :( It still feels just as wrong and unsettling, and it still feels like there's a piece in life that's missing without you!
But, I'm so grateful to have known you, and I'm so blessed to have gotten to enjoy your friendship, your strength, and your kindness. You never stopped hoping, and you're an inspiration!
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doggy yard

My hyper dog keeps letting himself out of the fence, so I've got a solution to that. He's spending his pee break on a tie-out (but a version that is in a way is more similar to one of those runner things: aka similar to the kind where it is attached from tree to tree). It is long enough for him to move around and do what he needs to. It's even long enough to physically reach me while I am sitting outside. (I don't leave him unattended.)

I will probably only use this version as a temporary solution, but it serves it purpose. Also, he enjoys this much better than me walking him through the back yard using the leash. (Of course, he still gets and still loves his playtimes and walks, and almost round-the-clock attention, aside from this, too.) So, my pooch doesn't feel neglected, and this keeps him in the yard, safely too.
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pets :)

Hello everyone. How are you? What's new?

I woke up before the sunrise today. My dog needed a walk.

I am so sleepy still, but I'm up, so I will probably stay up (not go back to bed). I have a lot that I want to get done today. So, I'll take the time to do some of it now.

I am researching some things online. I want to get or make some neat things for my pets. Does anyone know of any great, but cheap dog toys? I want to get some more of those, too.

Right now, one of the kitties is sleeping on my arm lol. This particular cat which I speak of, is one of the most affectionate cats I've ever known, but he is equally bratty. I love him, though. :)

I'm currently drinking Starbucks coffee (via coffee pot). I really like coffee, and Starbucks in general is super tasty. Starbucks brand (for some reason that I don't know) is the only brand of coffee that does not make me sick. (Does anyone know why?... It doesn't really make sense to me...)... Anyways, though, as all Starbucks products are super yummy, I'm enjoying my cup of coffee. :) Lol you're probably wondering why I'm so excited about my coffee! Well, I haven't had any in a while, and I've really been wanting some! Prior to the new grounds purchased, also recently went out to the Starbucks & bought a tall (aka small) cup of very tasty pumpkin spiced coffee... yummmm... Idr what the name is, though, b/c there were a few pumpkin-flavored products. All I remember is that it is superbly tasty. I wish they sold it for coffee pots as well. :] That would be so tasty to make it then drink it, and so practical to not have to go out to a Starbucks every time just get to it. (Although, it was nice to go out. We had a coffee date while we were out, and it was enjoyable. ^.^)

Plus, I think this is interesting, because I'm nerdy like that. <3