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Life was made to live, to be enjoyed!

I won't let anything stand in the way of that. Learn to ♥ even the simple things

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~ To Live For Joy ~

Welcome to my profile! Let's be friends. :]

*I'm all about trying to be happy. I don't want any crap to keep me down.*

music: anything that will make me dance or feel good

This is the way I love. If you don't respect that, move on.

my political view: All genders of adults should have the legal ability to get married.

I am extremely eclectic and an extremely passionate person! :] I'm just a lil picky about the specifics, though, sometimes.
I am pretty open-minded, but I also like what I like.
And, although I am respectful of people, I don't tolerate bullshit from anyone!

My friends count me a very "chill" person, who has my head on my shoulders, and who is very accepting. :]

I love making new awesome friends! I hope to make a lot of compatible friends on lj too!
So, get to know me, and see if you like me.
I've posted several entries and public, so you can see what I'm like, what things interest me, etc.
(It's just a little random, though, but I don't care. It's just whatever I fee like.)
I hope you enjoy my journal.

* & ~ *

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